Soma restaurant chain’s Blue Dog Food restaurant has closed

Soma, the popular Korean soul food restaurant chain, is closing its doors in South Korea.

The company says it will focus on its current location in Korea and its international expansion.

Soma was founded in 2005 in a small town in the country’s far east.

Somma began in the early 2000s with a menu that was very popular with tourists, and its popularity grew as it expanded to other Asian countries and beyond.

However, Soma’s popularity waned as the chain started to lose ground in Asia and was forced to open more locations and make more changes.

The chain recently announced that it was shutting down its Korean and Korean-language sites.

“Our focus now is on our international expansion,” the company said in a statement.

The closure of Soma comes less than a year after a similar closure in Korea, which was blamed on the countrys government’s heavy regulation of food.

In September, the government banned restaurants from selling food products made with GMOs and other food additives, and Soma became the first Korean chain to be fined for the ban.

It was also the first chain to lose its certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The chain’s closure follows a similar one in India, which closed its restaurants in September due to the country�s strict regulations.

“The government should be doing its job and not forcing companies to close their doors,” said Lee Jong-wook, an author and journalist.

“Soma is a symbol of what can happen when people are unable to afford basic necessities.

If this was happening in the United States, we would see it as a huge blow to the economy and a big problem for people.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said that the government will do whatever it can to help the company get back on its feet.

“We will do everything possible to support Soma as we continue our international efforts to promote our unique culinary products and make Soma a success,” he said in September.

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