What’s in the food you need to eat in Canada?

According to a new report by the U.K.-based food and drink group FoodNavigator, Canadians consume about 4.3 billion calories of processed food each year, a figure that includes nearly 2.3 trillion calories of fresh fruits and vegetables and 1.6 trillion calories from grains and legumes.While those figures are relatively modest, the group’s researchers believe that […]

Fry’s: Food stamp eligibility extended until June 4

An extension to the deadline for Texas food stamp eligibility is coming into effect today.The extension will allow eligible Texans to eat up to four meals a day until June 2.It will also allow eligible people to receive an additional $200 per week for food assistance, but only if they’re eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition […]

How to find healthy vegan foods in the kitchen

When you’re craving a meal made with whole foods, don’t be afraid to give vegan food a try.From homemade wraps to quick, quick salads to hearty dishes, the list of healthy vegan food options is growing.Read More”People can make the most of the things they love, and this is a great way to do it,” […]

What to Know About Food Poisoning in the U.S.

An outbreak of food poisoning has spread across the U and in at least two states, with several more people hospitalized.Officials are trying to track down what happened.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration have reported a total of 23 cases in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina and […]

Why are chefs so bad at cooking food?

The world’s most popular food network chef has been named the world’s worst food journalist for a string of negative reviews of his work on the network.Chef Daniel Boulud, best known for his award-winning shows, was recently suspended from Twitter for a week following a series of tweets which he said made him feel like […]

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