Eat your own magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is essential for a healthy and strong immune system, but many of us may not be aware of its importance.

The best way to get enough of the mineral is to eat a variety of healthy foods rich in it.

Here are 11 foods that you should eat more of: 1.

Mango juice.

This popular tropical fruit is rich in magnesium, which helps to protect the skin from harmful free radicals, and helps reduce swelling.

It also contains a large amount of protein.2.


This spicy, fragrant herb contains a magnesium-rich compound called catechin.

Catechin helps to reduce inflammation, and it’s also found in other vegetables and fruits.3.


These nutritious green leaves are rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which plays a role in the brain’s serotonin and dopamine systems.

Tryptophans are also found naturally in fruits and vegetables.4.


This herb is rich with magnesium, and its seeds contain magnesium-containing proteins.5.


Broccolini, a type of broccoli, contains the vitamin A-like compound thioglucosamine.

This substance helps to promote nerve function and reduces inflammation.6.


This leafy vegetable is rich as a source of vitamin E, a mineral that is essential to the immune system.7.


Radish is a common vegetable that contains an abundant amount of vitamin A. It can also be a source for other minerals, like magnesium.8.


Parsnips contain a magnesium derivative called piperine.

This is another important mineral for a strong immune response.9.


This sweet-tasting fruit has a lot of magnesium, including pyridoxine, a chemical that helps to increase brain function and reduce inflammation.10.

Green beans.

These seeds are rich with the mineral potassium, which supports nerve and muscle function.11.

Bok choy.

This versatile green vegetable contains the enzyme arginine deacetylase, which is needed to break down sugar into glucose.

This helps to build energy and prevent hunger.

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