What to know about the controversial halal food Gordon Ramsay’s ‘dog food’

Gordon Ramsay, who owns the flagship restaurant in London’s Docklands, has said his halal products are not ‘bad for you’.

But, according to a new survey, there are concerns that the restaurant’s product is making people feel “unhealthy”.

It comes as the Food Standards Agency is investigating Ramsay’s “dog food” which is made with meat from pigs and cattle, as well as beef and pork.

The Food Standards Authority (FSA) is now looking into whether there is a “risk of foodborne illness” linked to the meat used in Ramsay’s restaurant.

The FSA has launched an investigation into Gordon Ramsay ‘dog foods’ that were manufactured by a company called Bait-a-Mite.

The food was sourced from the supplier company of a meat supplier and was processed in China.

However, the food has been labelled “halal” in the UK.

The FDA says there are no safety concerns about the product.

Ramsay said on his website that his dog food was made in the “right way” and was “not harmful”.

However, it’s claimed the meat contains traces of salmonella, which can cause illness in humans.

The restaurant’s products are now under review by the FSA.

Ramsay told The Independent that he uses “100 per cent grass-fed beef” and “100 percent grass-finished poultry”.

He said the “dogfood” is a product of Bait A Mite and has “no meat”.

“We use grass-processed, grass-free and grass-sourced beef and chicken, and a mix of ground and grass, and it’s 100 per cent organic,” he said.

“I don’t buy anything that’s from any factory farm.

I buy it straight from the producer.”

He said he would not allow his customers to “go to a restaurant that has a product that’s unsafe for you to eat”.

The restaurant has now changed its packaging to clarify that the meat was not made in a factory.

“Gordon Ramsay is the first chef in the world to create a dogfood with no meat,” he told The Daily Mail.

“Our dogfood is 100 per of beef, 100 per chicken, 100 of pork and 100 of beef and lamb.

There is no beef or chicken in this dogfood.

It is 100% grass-grown.”

Ramsay has previously been criticised for using halal meat in other restaurants.

A report published by the Institute for Humane Studies in 2013 found that Ramsay’s dogs were given high levels of antibiotics to combat bacterial infections in the meat, but the meat itself was not treated with antibiotics.

He has also been criticised after he said he “couldn’t possibly” be an atheist because he was a Christian.

“We can’t possibly be both a Muslim and an atheist.

I’m just not religious enough to be a Muslim,” he reportedly said.

Ramsay has also faced criticism from Muslims for his use of religious imagery.

A video of the restaurant that featured an image of Jesus Christ in a halal restaurant with the caption “Jesus Christ: a halakhic symbol for Muslim Muslims” went viral.

It was later removed from Ramsay’s website and replaced with an image showing a woman with a hijab, a traditional Islamic headscarf.

The image of the hijab-wearing woman has since been removed from his Instagram account.

The Restaurant at the End of the World is one of the restaurants Ramsay owns.

It also has a menu that shows pictures of the Prophet Mohammed and other Islamic figures.

The menu also features “The Great Prophet of Islam” as a featured item.

According to Ramsay, the restaurant is “not a halalist” and uses “clean, fresh meat” from animals that have been raised on “free range” farms.

The BBC has reached out to Ramsay for comment.

The company has since apologised for the “misunderstanding”.

However Ramsay has repeatedly defended his company and the halal foods that it uses.

“There’s nothing wrong with halal in the kitchen,” he has said.

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