Why Australians are so poor: What is the big picture?

More than half of Australians are living in extreme poverty, according to the latest ABS data.

This has prompted a number of calls for the Federal Government to do something about it.

What is missing is an answer.

And there are some very simple answers.

How does Australia compare to other developed countries?

There are a number key issues that Australia does not have to worry about in terms of our overall poverty level.

We have a much lower level of income inequality.

We do not have an over-supply of food, for example.

And we do not see a lack of economic growth.

What does the ABS say?

The ABS data for Australia shows that the median household income in the country is $61,000 a year.

However, a couple in a $60,000 household with three children would need to spend almost $100,000 on food in order to be living comfortably in the top 10 per cent of earners in the developed world.

In other words, in the poorest country in the world, the median income of the median family would be less than $5,000.

The median household would also need to rely on public housing and other public services.

This is a large chunk of the population, and in a nation that is growing, this is a major concern.

What are the challenges we face?

The major challenge we face is the level of food prices.

According to the ABS, prices of groceries have risen faster than wages over the past few years.

And this has led to some major problems for the Australian food system.

Food prices are higher in many parts of the country than they have ever been, leading to higher food consumption and food waste.

This means that a food bank in a particular area might only be able to give out one or two cans of soup per month.

And as prices rise, the food banks of other areas might be forced to increase their intake of food in their service area to meet the demand.

This creates a lot of pressure on the food system and the government could help address this by increasing the amount of public funding available to the foodbanks.

But, as with any other sector of the economy, there are also some practical solutions to these problems.

A key one is to increase the availability of cash-based payment systems, like credit cards and mobile wallets.

These are very flexible and can be used for very large transactions.

They are also used by many people in Australia who are in a low income bracket and are unable to use bank accounts.

There is also the issue of how food is processed.

There are some major changes in how food gets to the table in Australia.

For example, in some parts of Australia, the meat industry, which is responsible for a significant amount of food waste, is getting more intensive.

In many cases, this means that animals that are slaughtered for food are not being used.

This in turn means that meat waste is going to be diverted into landfill.

There have also been calls for tougher laws on food packaging.

And a number other issues have also made it difficult for people to access food.

In some cases, people have to go to great lengths to buy the food they want, and are sometimes not able to afford the prices they pay.

This can cause problems for people living in poverty.

And the impact of the economic downturn has meant that many people are struggling to survive, as the economy has been hit hard.

A number of other issues also make it difficult to pay for essential goods and services.

For instance, many Australians are now relying on food banks to supplement their incomes.

And they often lack the resources to do this, because there is not enough money in the bank to meet their basic needs.

And if a person cannot afford to pay their food bills, there is often no option but to go into debt to pay them.

How much food is being wasted?

It is estimated that 1.2 million Australians have food waste issues, according the Department of Human Services.

That amounts to around 30 per cent on the Australian average.

This does not include people who do not meet the criteria for food waste and do not get access to a foodbank.

The government’s current focus is on tackling the root causes of food wastage.

It is currently funding the Food Waste Reduction Initiative, which aims to reduce food waste by up to 40 per cent.

The Food Waste Recovery Initiative has also been set up to address food waste in the broader community, through community gardens and a number public service announcements.

It aims to cut the amount waste generated by Australians through their food consumption.

It also aims to develop a national food waste management strategy that would ensure that all Australians can enjoy a healthy and safe diet.

How can the Government tackle food waste?

There is currently no national food management strategy in place.

In addition, it is important that the Government focuses its efforts on tackling food waste directly, and not through the food bank.

The Federal Government could do a

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