How to avoid the diamond dog food controversy

JAMAICA, Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s not easy getting the word out about the diamond pet food controversy, and it’s even harder to get the word about what you’re getting when you’re buying the product.

That’s why we’re working with a food bank in our area to help you make an informed choice about the product you buy.

The Diamond Dog Food Company is a brand name for dog food made by Petco, the country’s largest food retailer.

Petco has long been known for its high-end brands of premium dog food, but Diamond Dog Foods has been criticized for being marketed to dogs who need extra protein, and is a poor choice for people who want to eat dog food at a budget.

In February, we partnered with a non-profit called the Food Bank of the Caribbean to help spread the word.

The Food Bank is working with the food bank to create a petition, which we hope will garner enough signatures to get Petco to take action.

The petition, currently signed by more than 200,000 people, asks Petco and the company behind Diamond Dog food to clarify the nutrition information for the product to be offered.

The petition also asks PetCo to release a statement clarifying the nutrition content of the product and the benefits of purchasing it.

The FDA has made a series of recommendations for pet food makers, but the Diamond Dog foods and their brands are still available to pet owners in the United States.

We’re trying to help people who are shopping for dog foods avoid buying Diamond Dogs, which may result in a higher price tag and increased food wastage.

Petco’s response to the petition has not been announced, but in the meantime, the Food Banks of the Carolinas, the Caribbean islands and the United Kingdom are working with Petco on a similar petition.

If you would like to sign the petition, visit our petition page here.

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