How to find the perfect Asian food in Chicago’s Aldridge neighborhood

CHICAGO — As Chinese food arrives at Chicago’s Asian restaurants, the city’s Chinatown food scene is struggling to keep up.

Food delivery app Alias is helping to fix that, launching a new food delivery service in Chicago that aims to serve more Chinese food in the city.

The app will provide customers with a map of Asian food locations in Chicago and provide directions to their destination, said Shih-Chieh Hsu, an Alias executive vice president.

The service will launch this summer and will be offered in two areas of the city, Hsu said.

“We will be delivering to the Chinatown neighborhood, and then we will be adding to that area in the coming weeks,” Hsu told ABC News.

“We think that people will appreciate it and want to get there quicker.”

Hsu said the app will deliver a wide range of Chinese food, from traditional Chinese cuisine to the trendy and new offerings that have become trendy in the past few years.

The service is not a new idea in the U.S., Hsu added.

In 2016, the U., France and Italy launched an Alisas food delivery app called Alias Chinese Food that allows consumers to place their order from an app.

In Chicago, the Chinatown restaurant scene has been plagued by a shortage of Chinese restaurants, Hsieh said.

There are only eight Asian restaurants in the Chicago area, and they’re only opening one per month.

Hsu hopes to fill that gap.

“The restaurants are in good shape, but we need more Chinese restaurants to be open, and we need to be able to provide a wide variety of Chinese foods,” Hsiehu said.

Hsu, who has worked in the restaurant industry for years, said that he plans to help other Chinese food producers to get more restaurants in Chicago.

“It’s really up to them to figure out how to make that happen,” he said.

Alias will be the first app to offer a Chinese food delivery network in the United States, Hsi said.

It’s not just an experiment.

“This is a real opportunity to make a real difference,” Hsi added.

“When we were opening our Chinese restaurant in Chicago, we weren’t really looking for a platform, and I think we got to where we are now because of the support of other Chinese restaurants.”

The app is available on iOS and Android, and Hsu expects to expand to other platforms in the future.

Hsieh added that there are many Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, and he hopes that Alias can help to change that.

“In the future, it might be better to have a lot more restaurants than one restaurant,” he explained.

“That’s what we’re trying to do.”

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