A Thai woman has invented a brand of aphrodisic herbs which can be used to help boost blood sugar levels

In Thailand, the only way to get a prescription for a drug that reduces blood sugar is by signing up to a prescription list.

It’s not easy, but the Pharmacy Board of Thailand says it has made a major breakthrough in this regard.

Pharmacy board chief general officer Ratchanabu Maksudinakul has created a series of herbs that can be taken with food to boost blood glucose levels.

He says it will be used in places where it’s not widely available.

This is the first time the Pharmacist Board of Bangkok has taken such a step.

This week, he also announced a partnership with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to produce a new drug for patients who need it.

The Pharmacy has already produced an aphrodebos, a product made from dried, dried herbs, but it now plans to produce the brand of herbal medicine known as aphrodo, which has been in clinical trials for more than a year.

Pharmacy board member Ratchakul, who is the president of the Pharmacists Association of Thailand, says that the new product has the potential to help millions of people.

“Pharmaceutical products are a huge part of our economy and we can make a big contribution to this economy,” he says.

Aphrodo has been developed by Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Ratchinakun, who first discovered the idea while working at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Austin.

He said it was something that he had dreamed about for years.

“I had this idea of taking herbs, I was thinking about herbs for a long time, and I was talking to people, and they told me that they can’t find any herbs to make aphrodes,” he told the BBC.

“But I was like, what can I do?”‘

We need a new approach’In the last five years, the Pharmacery Board of Asia has invested almost $2 billion in research and development and has created more than 100,000 jobs.

The new product is being developed at the Pharmacies Association of Bangkok.

One of the main problems with medicines is that they often don’t work.

As a result, people get sick.

Pharmacists have tried everything to find a way to stop people from getting sick.

For instance, some people are prescribed antibiotics.

But the drugs themselves can make people sick, too.

The Pharmacacy Board is trying to create a new way to combat this.

It has developed a process called “supercapacitor” which involves a tiny electrode implanted in the brain.

This device has the ability to store large amounts of energy, and is being tested by researchers in Thailand.

“The supercapacitors we’re developing will be able to store up to 3.8 terawatts of energy,” said Pharmacy chief medical officer Rachul Khatun.

“These supercapacs are not cheap, but we’re using them to make medicines for people who need them,” he added.

The research has been funded by the US National Institutes of Health and the Thai National Science and Technology Authority.

Rachul says that he has heard that the aphrodias can help people with diabetes and that it will also be used as a blood-sugar drug.

When asked if the product will be available in Thailand, he said he did not know.

Is the new drug safe?

Aphros have already been used to treat blood clots in the liver, but there is no proof that it works to help people take care of themselves.

In the clinical trials, it has been shown to reduce the number of clotting factors in blood.

But the clinical studies were done with people who already had a serious illness and had a low level of clot-buster.

There is a possibility that the product could increase blood sugar, but this is yet to be tested in the clinical trial.

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