How to survive a Middle Eastern food emergency

The middle eastern famine is over.

But if you don’t have a way to feed yourself, you might not be able to survive the crisis at all.

The World Health Organisation estimates the number of people in need of emergency aid at 1.5 billion, of which at least 1.2 billion are children.

The global food system is severely underfunded and the food crisis is now one of the world’s largest health challenges.

What you need to know about the Middle East food crisis | Natalie Jennings Read moreThe world’s food supply is already stretched.

The UN estimates there is a shortfall of $50bn for 2015, with much of the food in developing countries and the poorest regions of the globe going uncollected, uneaten or wasted.

Food security is a major issue, as food production in developing nations is severely limited.

There are a number of reasons for the current situation, including a lack of food storage facilities, inadequate sanitation facilities, and poor access to quality markets and supplies.

The situation has been compounded by a globalisation-driven globalisation of food production.

Countries are expanding markets, but the need to secure access to raw materials is increasing, and in some countries, access to processing, transportation and distribution facilities is limited or unavailable.

Food production is often limited to the most densely populated areas of the country, where food insecurity is high.

In the middle east, the crisis has forced millions of people to move, often with little access to food and water.

While many are already struggling with acute malnutrition, many others are not.

The problem with the food situation is that people in the middle eastern world are often geographically isolated, and the global food supply system is limited.

The lack of infrastructure and transportation to the middle Eastern countries is particularly problematic.

The lack of access to fresh water and sanitation facilities are also major barriers to food security.

People living in rural areas are not allowed access to basic services, such as drinking water, or to secure markets and markets for local produce.

People are also forced to travel long distances to reach markets, even if the region is more than 10km away.

Food insecurity is a global problem, and it is difficult to know how many people are living in extreme food insecurity, or what the best way to address it is.

The food crisis in the Middle Eastern countries has been exacerbated by the globalisation and the development of food markets and processing facilities.

Many countries are now moving food to their markets in China and India, which makes it harder to store and transport.

The situation is compounded by the rapid expansion of the global economy, which has exacerbated the shortage of infrastructure.

In the Middle east, some countries are already moving food from farms to markets, and some are even building large processing plants in the region.

This is making it difficult for the region to store enough food to feed itself and its people.

However, these factors can be overcome by securing access to markets and fresh water facilities, as well as securing the transport infrastructure to markets.

This includes the development and maintenance of a food processing system and the provision of clean water and sanitary facilities.

The world food supply and the Middle-East food crisisThe food supply in the developing world is severely over-supplied.

The amount of food in storage in the United States alone is over one billion kilograms.

This means the world is now importing food at an unprecedented rate.

In addition to food shortages, there is also a significant food security problem.

The average life expectancy of a child in the Arab world is lower than the world average of 69 years.

The majority of these people live in areas where access to adequate nutrition is limited, and where food is highly priced.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are at least 3.5 million children under five in the world.

There is a significant proportion of children in these under-5s who are chronically malnourished and require urgent and expensive treatment.

The crisis is also exacerbated by a lack the availability of safe and clean water, sanitation and sanitation infrastructure in the regions that are most affected.

The main cause of malnutrition in the under-five age group is a lack in healthy food choices, and insufficient access to health services, education and other critical services.

Malnutrition affects over one million children every day.

In Syria, the under five age group accounts for about 2% of the population.

This population is estimated to be at risk of stunting and is also disproportionately affected by the acute malnutrition.

The Middle East Food CrisisIn the aftermath of the Middle Ages, a region known as the Middle West was settled by Europeans and eventually the Muslim world.

In addition to the large and wealthy communities, there were large agricultural populations that provided much of what we now know as modern agriculture.

This provided many opportunities for economic growth, and eventually a new type of economy emerged, which was based on the cultivation of the traditional Arab and Islamic agricultural practices.

However over the past few centuries, the Middle World has become increasingly urbanised and has become a global economic centre. The

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