New Zealand food industry faces food price wars

New Zealanders have the power to buy and sell more food.

The country’s food industry has a long history of fighting price rises.

But with food prices rising in the United States and Europe, there’s a growing concern that the industry could find itself fighting another war, this time over giant food brands.

The Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Authority said in a statement that it had received more than 60 complaints over giant brands from customers about their packaging.

The Food Standards Agency said the complaints were about packaging and not food safety.

“This is a concern for the Australian and NZFSA because of concerns about the way giant brands are marketed,” a spokeswoman said.

“The New ZealandFSA is also aware of concerns that are being raised about the food packaging for giant brands in Australia.”

The biggest giant brands include Cadbury, which has the biggest supermarket chain in the world, and Kraft, which is a unit of US multinational Kraft Foods.

Australian supermarkets and convenience stores have also been under fire for offering “special” discounts to customers for buying large quantities of products.

Some retailers have even been criticised for marketing their food at the price of larger competitors, such as McDonald’s, which sold some products for as much as $10 more per serving in Australia than its rival, Sainsbury’s.

The latest complaints follow complaints from Australian consumers who bought $25 packets of pet food from a Sydney convenience store, but were charged $50 when they returned the packet.

The company was selling the same products at the higher price.

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