‘The food is safe’: A pet food expo in Spain has been cancelled due to food insecurity

Spanish pet food manufacturers are scrambling to secure new supplies amid rising food insecurity levels.

The pet food industry is struggling to meet demand after the government introduced new rules that require pet food producers to obtain the government’s approval before marketing their products.

The changes were announced earlier this year, but many pet food companies say they need to get more supplies in order to keep up with demand.

“There is an increase in demand for pet food in the United States and other countries as a result of the global pandemic, which is causing a significant increase in food insecurity in the pet food sector,” said a spokesperson for the Pet Food Manufacturers Association.

“The increase in pet food demand and supply constraints have led to shortages and has affected pet food production and supply chains.”

Pet food industry representatives say many of their pet food suppliers have been hit hard by this shortage.

“In the United Kingdom, there are some suppliers that have been impacted by shortages in pet foods,” said Mark Rolfes, executive director of Pet Food Distributors Association, a trade association representing pet food distributors.

“A lot of our suppliers are in the food service sector, so it’s been difficult to find suppliers that are able to supply our customers.”

Pet owners are struggling to keep their pets fed.

A survey commissioned by Pet Food and Veterinary Medical Association found that two-thirds of pet owners surveyed have a pet that does not eat, and nearly one-third said they were considering buying a new pet to feed.

“We’ve seen the number of pet food sellers go from around 10,000 to around 20,000 in the last three months,” said Rolfs.

Pet food shortages are also affecting the veterinary industry, which supplies pet food to pet owners, and some veterinary clinics are being forced to cut services and close.

“Pet food supplies are critical to the health and welfare of pet animals,” said Laura Epps, a veterinarian in Victoria, British Columbia.

“As veterinarians we are constantly faced with the need to assess and manage veterinary conditions and make timely and appropriate decisions to ensure the health of our animals.”

Pet Food Distributor Association spokesperson Rolfers says the pet industry is experiencing a crisis.

“If we’re not able to get enough pet food for our clients, that means that the veterinarian has to be cut back and the patients have to go without the medications they need,” he said.

“When there’s no food available for them, there’s a higher chance of a health issue developing, like a foodborne illness.”

Pet foods have become a staple in many households.

Pet food companies estimate that up to 25 per cent of pet households can’t afford to buy pet food, and the food shortage is putting more pressure on the veterinary supply chain.

The Pet Food & Veterinary Medical Assoc.

said a shortage of pet foods is increasing pet deaths and injuries.

“With a shortage in pet supply, veterinarians are forced to have to use the same medications to treat animals as they would for humans,” said Epps.

“This leads to higher complications, more complications with anemia, more infections and more deaths.”

Pet companies are also having to look beyond the pet market for food.

“While there are a number of other pet foods on the market that are more affordable than our pet food products, many of our customers choose to go directly to the pet store,” said Marc Bauber, president of Petfood & Veterinary Products.

“It’s really important that pet owners understand that our pet supplies are only as good as the pet itself.”

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