When frozen food is more than just a convenience, it’s a social good

By MELISSA BROWNA, Associated Press The American family meal is getting better.

But when it comes to fresh food, the family is still far away.

The average American family eats 1,400 meals a week, or nearly five meals a day, according to the Pew Research Center.

That is up from 2,000 meals a year in 2000.

But the amount of food eaten is not increasing, even as the economy improves.

As of May 31, about 9.3 million Americans reported eating at least one meal each day, up from 7.6 million in 2000, according the Census Bureau.

In fact, the number of meals reported each day in May has increased more than 60% since 2000.

The trend is also getting more diverse, with more people in the U.S. identifying as white, Asian or Hispanic, according a Pew Research study published in April.

White Americans accounted for nearly 70% of the population in 2000 and now account for roughly 62% of that number.

Hispanics made up about 8% of those who were white in 2000 but now account.

Asian Americans made up nearly 7% of white Americans but now make up about 3%.

Hispanic food is also more affordable.

As of May, the median family income for a family of four was $59,400.

In 2000, it was $57,300.

The cost of a typical meal in May was about $8.36.

But the family meal has been on the decline.

The median family meal in 2016 was about 1,100 meals, down from 2.2 million in 1990.

And the median daily food expenditure was $4.29, down more than $1,000 from 2016.

Overall, the average family eats about 5,400 calories per day, or less than 3.5 pounds per person, according with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The average American eats less than 2,300 calories a day.

The most recent data on food intake comes from the Centers For Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics.

The CDC reported in April that Americans ate about 2,400 fewer calories a week in the week ending May 31 than in the previous week.

That was down from an average of 2,500 calories per week in May.

The biggest factor behind the decrease in food intake is the lack of exercise.

In the past few years, people have been working fewer hours, and many are less active, according.

The latest data showed that the number with health insurance declined from a high of 12.7 million in March to 11.3% of all Americans in April, down slightly from 12.9% in March.

In May, about 8.3%, or 7.4 million, people had health insurance, the lowest in at least a decade.

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