Can a cat food bowl be better than a dog food bowl?

The American Council on Veterinary Specialty Medicine (ACVSM) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have published their first-ever Veterinary Medical Advisory Committee (VMA) report on canine food.

Their findings are that canine food should be regarded as an essential supplement to any diet that is designed to maintain healthy weight and bone density, and that the recommended veterinary care should include a thorough examination of the diet to determine if the canine diet is appropriate for your pet.

The ACVSM is comprised of veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists, including the chair of the committee, Dr. Richard R. Stebbins.

The report notes that there is currently no consensus as to the optimum veterinary diet for dogs and cats.

The report states, “The evidence on canine nutrition for pets is limited.”

The ACVMA is concerned that the current recommendations for canine nutrition may not be sufficient, and recommends that veterinarians consider the nutritional status of your pet in addition to the canine weight, bone density and general health of the pet.

As a result, the ACVMM is calling for a systematic review of the current literature on canine nutritional status, and a recommendation for a veterinary nutritionist to work with the owner to determine the best dietary regimen for your dog.

The recommendations to increase the nutritional intake of your dog may include:Feeding dogs three times per day as directed by their veterinarian, at least four times per week for at least six months, and continuing the feeding plan until your pet is at or below the recommended weight.

In addition to this recommendation, the VMA recommends that a veterinarian consult with you prior to implementing any canine nutrition plan, including your veterinary diet, and determine if any changes in the veterinary diet may be detrimental to your dog’s health.

The VMA notes that the “highest priority” should be given to your pet’s general health, but it also notes that certain nutritional supplements may be required.

The VMM also notes: “As a veterinarian, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary and appropriate dietary care to your animal for the duration of its life. “

The recommendations are to “consult with your veterinarian on a complete nutritional plan for your particular pet prior to initiating any canine nutritional supplement” as well as the “conservation of energy and nutrient” in order to “meet the nutritional needs of your pets.

“The VMM also notes: “As a veterinarian, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary and appropriate dietary care to your animal for the duration of its life.

The primary objective is to maintain your animal’s healthy weight, as well to prevent a reduction in its nutritional intake.

“The ACVBMM and AVMA are calling for further research to determine whether there is an optimal canine nutrition regimen.

The authors of the ACVAAM, Drs.

Mary J. Lefferts and Elizabeth L. Gage, have said that they would like to continue working with veterinarians on this issue and that they will continue to advocate for veterinary nutrition for dogs.

Dr. Leifferts has a long history of advocating for dog owners and veterinarians in the area of canine nutrition.

She served as a member of the Veterinary Medical Board for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons for more than 20 years and has been involved in animal research and veterinary medicine for over 15 years.

Dr. Leffererts is a professor of medicine and director of the Institute for Animal Research and Veterinary Practice at the University of Michigan, and the Director of the Michigan Veterinary Nutrition Institute.

Dr Leffords also serves as a board member of VetHealth, the nation’s largest provider of veterinary nutrition, as do Dr. Gager and Dr. Stenberg.

The American Veterinary College of Nutrition and Nutritionism (AVNC) is also calling for additional research on canine nutrient requirements, and they are encouraging veterinarians to seek out further studies to better understand canine nutrition requirements.

The AVNC also says that it wants the public to know about the potential benefits of canine nutritional supplements.


Leffeerts, Gage and StebBins are calling on all American veterinarians, veterinary nutrition professionals and pet owners to support the work of the AVMM and the AVNC.

If you have any questions about the recommendations or want to find out more about the American Council of Veterinary Specialties Veterinary Medical advisory committee, please contact them.

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