Which foods are heart healthy?

FourFour Two’s Food for diabetic readers can benefit from heart-healthy foods like coconut milk and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The network says they are “essential for heart health” and have “good fats and minerals”.

The list also includes red wine, green tea, orange juice and some tea.

The site also advises people to limit their saturated fat intake to no more than 15 per cent of total calories and to drink lots of water.

“I’m trying to help people get to the heart health foods they want to eat and not have to get them from the supermarket,” co-founder and managing director Michelle McLean said.

“There’s lots of stuff we do, but it’s about knowing what’s in the right amount and when to get it.”

Ms McLean’s site also has a guide for people who are interested in heart health.

“People who are heart-health and diabetic are in the minority.

We are talking about the majority of the population,” she said.

The list is part of FourFour two’s mission to create an online community where people can share their personal health challenges and ideas.

Ms McLeod said the aim was to “open the door for people to talk about what they have and do, so it can help people be better.”

‘Facts and figures’ ‘We don’t have a single number to say whether people have heart disease’ Dr Anthony Fauci from St Vincent’s hospital in Melbourne said the Australian Heart Foundation (AHF) had a list of what it said were “facts and figures” about heart disease.

“The list is not definitive, it’s based on studies, but there are a lot of people who have heart-related conditions that are at risk of heart disease and we don’t even have a definitive number to tell whether people do or don’t develop heart disease,” Dr Fauvi said.

Dr Faucci said the AHF did not recommend people seek medical advice.

“But what we do know is that about 15 per per cent to 20 per cent are at high risk of developing heart disease, and it’s probably more than 20 per, maybe more than 40 per cent.”

He said the list was based on a range of studies, including the results of a study involving more than 50,000 Australians.

“We do not have a number to show whether someone has heart disease but that is a number that we know is very close to 10 per cent,” he said. ABC/AAP

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