Trump Administration Bans ‘Food Stamp’ Applications to Food Banks

President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning food stamp applications from the Department of Agriculture on Friday, ordering the administration to stop accepting food stamp payments from businesses that have no U.S. employees.

Trump signed the order shortly after the Department said it would cease accepting federal assistance to the food bank industry, which accounts for about a third of all food stamps nationwide.

The move comes after the Trump administration announced earlier this week that it was cutting federal funding to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides cash assistance to households struggling to make ends meet.

The new order states that the USDA would no longer accept food stamps from businesses with no U, D or F employees.

The executive order is the latest in a string of anti-business initiatives aimed at curbing the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, as Trump has sought to clamp down on the welfare program.

The Department of Labor said in January that it would no more accept federal food stamp benefits from businesses owned by people with less than a high school diploma or GED.

Trump administration officials have previously called for the elimination of food stamp recipients who don’t have a high-school diploma.

The order does not affect existing food stamp programs that are still operating in the United States, including the Supplemental Security Income program and Supplemental Housing Assistance Program.

Trump’s administration announced in January it would eliminate SNAP, which helps low-income Americans afford food, from the Supplemental Food Program, which it previously had been administering.

That decision prompted outrage among food stamp advocates, who claimed it would have a negative impact on people who are currently receiving the aid.

The Trump administration has said it is simply taking action to stop a growing problem.

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