Which french food are you going to eat at your next dinner party?

The French food of the future is coming, according to a French official who said the country is aiming to get its own version of the US food chain in place by 2021.

France is already home to one of the world’s biggest food chains and is hoping to open up the restaurant sector, particularly in the food industry, to the world.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron has stressed that France is not ready to take the US and other fast-growing nations’ lead in the industry.

“We want to develop our own food chain, but we don’t have the technology yet,” Macron told the Association of French Chambers of Commerce (ACF) conference in Paris last month.

“It is very early days for the French market.

It will take time.

France needs to work very hard to be competitive,” he said.

The French President also said that the country would be building an additional 50,000 restaurant jobs over the next two years.

“This will be a good investment for our economy and the country.

It means the country will be able to develop its own food industry in the future.

This will be the main challenge we will face,” he added.

But while Macron has made it clear that France will pursue a fast-track entry into the fast food industry by 2021, he has also made it crystal clear that his government will be making sure that the French food market can survive on its own.

“As far as the future of the French cuisine is concerned, we have decided to remain focused on our national food security.

We have to ensure that the food sector does not face too much competition from imports,” Macron said.”

France will always have to adapt to the new world, but at the same time, we need to create the conditions for a competitive market,” he continued.

According to the French government, the country has more than 6,000 restaurants and is already one of France’s biggest players in the sector.

While it would take time to set up a new food market in the French countryside, Macron has said that there will be some new and innovative initiatives that could lead to a major boost in the country’s food industry.

For instance, Macron’s government is considering setting up a national food and wine festival and plans to create a national museum that will house the remains of French culture.

“There are already plans for a large-scale cultural festival and a new national museum to showcase our culture,” Macron was quoted as saying in an article by Le Parisien newspaper in March.

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