I’m the new man on America’s food scene

I’m not a cook, but I can make a good burger.And if you can’t cook it, I can probably make a decent burger.That’s the gist of my role as the new face of the American burger.I’ve been on the job for five months now, and I’m doing a great job.But I am still the outsider.I’m […]

How to Make a Devil’s Food Cake (Gingerbread)

This article was originally published on Newser: This is how to make a devil’s food birthday cake article How to make the most addictive cake of all time in one easy step.And yes, we’ve already made a version with butter and marshmallows.And it’s been shared thousands of times on Pinterest.The recipe, originally shared on Reddit, […]

How to avoid the diamond dog food controversy

JAMAICA, Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s not easy getting the word out about the diamond pet food controversy, and it’s even harder to get the word about what you’re getting when you’re buying the product.That’s why we’re working with a food bank in our area to help you make an informed choice about the […]

The best Chinese restaurants around London

Chinese restaurants are fast becoming one of the biggest and best places to eat in the capital.Here are our picks for the best places in the city to eat.Beijing Beijing is known for its fast-paced food culture, with an estimated 5,000 fast food restaurants spread across the city.But if you want something different, you can […]

I had to do my own cooking at work

The most common meal I have to prepare is a hearty bowl of rice with a side of meatballs and steamed vegetables.I’m often tempted to try out a new food or dish when I get home, but I often regret it the next day.That’s because I’m always thinking, “Is this actually good for me?”This article […]

Eat your own magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is essential for a healthy and strong immune system, but many of us may not be aware of its importance.The best way to get enough of the mineral is to eat a variety of healthy foods rich in it.Here are 11 foods that you should eat more of: 1.Mango juice.This popular tropical fruit is […]

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