‘Domestic violence’ bill passed in state legislature

A bill that would require police officers to wear body cameras and track their use of force during investigations of domestic violence cases passed the Florida state legislature on Monday.House Bill 438, which was sponsored by Republican state Rep. Dan McCurdy, is expected to pass the House and the Senate in a bipartisan fashion by […]

How to get free food when you need it: TechCrunch

People are hungry.And it’s not a good time to be hungry, says tech expert David Zaslavsky, author of Eat Free.We are all looking for more than just the essentials.We’re looking for food that is nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare.The Food Wars Porn Food Apocalypse is a list of some of the most-porn-able food trends […]

How to eat the Thanksgiving food store

Last night, we had a Thanksgiving dinner at the Baldwin Food Store in New York City, and the staff there told us how they made a big difference in our Thanksgiving shopping experience.For us, it was our second time coming to this store, and I’m glad that we finally had a chance to try out […]

How to get the best protein from a vegan meal

A vegan diet is known to be low in meat, dairy and sugar.But a new study has found that it can contain a lot of good fats and proteins too.The results are published in the British Medical Journal.article Food allergies are a common condition affecting around 20 per cent of the US population.These include anaphylactic […]

How to Save Money on Food in Louisiana

The food stamp program is in dire straits, but that doesn’t mean the government has forgotten about Louisiana.In fact, it’s helping to fund an effort to help restore some of the Louisiana food stamp rolls that were lost due to a devastating fire in 2015.According to the National Weather Service, the fire was one of […]

What is the new dog food craze in Peru?

Dog food brands in Peru have been on the rise in recent years as people increasingly look for a nutritious alternative to meat and dairy products.But now, amid growing criticism about the food quality and safety, some consumers are turning to products that contain a meat-derived protein.Al Jazeera’s Laura Ruggiero reports from Lima, Peru.

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